Wednesday, January 5, 2011

candles and colds

I think of you more often than of anyone else in this part of the world. I’d have liked to have you for a sweetheart, or a wife, or my mother or my sister—anything that a woman can be to a man. The idea of you is a part of my mind; you influence my likes and dislikes, all my tastes, hundreds of times when I don’t realize it. You really are a part of me. - My Antonia

I love stumbling on old books, and I am glad that I was, as my friends called me, a nerd and bookmarked my favorite parts of books.  
Other than that today was a boring day full of nothing.  I have an awful cold and spent almost all of my day in bed or on the couch watching tv.  This is my second day with no self portrait in my picture collage, but I cheated and took a picutre of a picture of myself. :)  I need to get better and get outside.  Sorry for all the boring pictures.

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