Tuesday, January 4, 2011

365 Days of Kristina

Last year my photography teacher assigned us a project to "take a picture a day" for 30 days as our final exam.  I had so much fun with it and often took up to 50 photos a day once I got into it.  As my new year resolution I decided I would start that again. 
So from now until Dec 31, 2011 I am going to start a new project called 365 Days of Kristina!   So here is day one, the rest will come as soon as I get them uploaded, then I will try to keep this to a daily basis :) 

Me and the boyfriend man.  Not such a hot picture of either of us, :)  Regardless it was a lovely way to start the new year.
The boyfriend took me out to dinner which we wound up with a short trip to Marshals.  I love love love Marshals/TJMaxx.  There are so many beautiful treasures there and for such great prices.  I bought myself a new Threads For Thoughts Vneck and discovered some of Meeka Baby's cousin piglets.

Here's to a lazy day full of tea, candles, and books.  Not to mention mustaches. :)

My brother dropped by for a visit today. He's pictured above not posing with a picture I drew of him.  And below as a cute little baby :)

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