Tuesday, January 25, 2011

30 Days

‎30 DAYS:

1. A photo of you and 10 facts about you
10 Facts about me:
1) I only drink water, fruit juice, and teas
2) I love fashion, writing, and photography
3) My worst fear is swallowing my tongue
4) I love theater, my favorite musical is Rent
5) I love to read, my favorite book is The Picture of Dorian Gray
6) I can never sleep at night
7) I want to travel the world
8) I wish I knew how to knit better
9) My top five favorite breeds of dogs are pugs, shiba inus, pulis, huskies, and beagles
10) I have an interview at Dick's Sporting Goods this weekend, wish me luck!

02. A photo of yourself a year ago
Drinkin' green tea like a boss.

03. A photo that makes you happy
My favorite spot with my favorite boy. <3

04. A photo of the last place you went on holiday
Edisto Island, SC <3

05. A photo that makes you laugh
Jump rope champ

06. A photo of someone you love
My best friend! :)

07. A photo of your favourite band/musician

Not my favourite favourite, but a very good band.
The Decemberists.

08. A photo of your family
My mum and brothers.

09. A photo of you two years ago
I couldn't pick just one.  So here's one with brown hair. & one with red hair.

10. A photo of your mum

Here's one of my mum & dad.

11. A photo of your favourite tv show
Skins (UK)

12. A photo of you today

I want to update my summer wardrobe, but have $0. :(

13. A photo of you and someone you love
<3 novio

14. A photo of your best friend(s)

Some of my best friends, graduation style (:
My best best best friend Wizard of Oz style (:

15. A photo of you as a baby
Me as a baby with Auntie Georgie, miss you.

16. A photo of one of your favourite family members
My favorite cousin Nicholas.

17. A photo of you at the last party you went to
This is college fest.

18. A photo from an event
Take me out to the ballgame.

19. A photo from school
Senior Picture

20. A photo of something you enjoy doing
Being on stage

21. A photo of you that was candid

22. A photo of your town
Corn fields forever

23. A photo you’ve taken that you’re proud of

24. A photo of you that your hair looks nice in

25. A photo of a night you loved

26. A photo of your favourite weekend

27. A photo of last summer

28. A photo of what you ate today
This happened in my microwave,
not today though.

29. A photo of someone you find attractive

30. A photo of you when you were happy
This picture makes me happy,
I was happy when I first saw Pans Labrynth.
& today I am still very happy, even though
I thought I never may be again.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


late night, can't sleep, why not read?  Here are some inspiring photos I found online. Note: none of these photos are mine! I did not take them!

What the duck?

After a long day of job hunting Friday me and my roomate decided to kick back and do a little window shopping.  We also made time to visit some of my favorite ducks.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Agatha Ruiz De La Prada

One of my all time favorite designers.  Her designs are always so fun and crazy.  Here's some of my favorites from her Spring/Summer 2011 line.  Enjoy!

I want this shirt so bad! 
And I want this dress!  

So excited :)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

all smiles here

School is consuming my life. On the bright side tomorrow I am getting my new Cannon DSLR in the mail (:  I am sure I will make time to fiddle with it the next couple nights and have daily collages again! yeeep.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Syllabus week

Who would have thought that syllabus week would have taken up so much of my time?  I haven't had time to take pictures for the last week.  Que dissapointing.